Saturday, May 18, 2013

| Ze Updates | * 2 weeks of 18052013.

Assignments, slides, books and notes with me.
Perhaps the colorful highlighters cheer me up.
But when I really get bored,
photo editor will be my best companionship.
I filled my stomach with light instant soup because I dont waste my time.
However, I controlled my nap time.
I need to take nap, because I'm in university early in the morning, with my books,
with the wonderful KK Box's music.
Some day,
I had the chance to enjoy delicious dinner that cooked by my mum, with my very fast speed.
The meal is nice, but I don't enjoy it well.
I bite, and I swallow.
But I believed it must be taste good.
Mid term has finally end.
Did I do well? Fifty-Fifty.
The media writing is the worst.
Because I dont know how to elaborate.
1 question, simple question, but it takes me 25 marks.
Some of them turn their holiday mode on, but I'm not.
I'm back to assignment.
I stayed up late.
Finally I'm done.
Coming up next : CN BLUE Concert.
Thanks to YiLin.
Q-ing up for 2 and half an hour to buy for me and my sister.
Thank you :)
What's next?
520 with my love in Genting.
I can't wait for it.

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A I S H A said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I saw my name there! Haha.