Monday, May 20, 2013

| 20052013 | * Genting with Bitch ❤

Hello people!
It's May 20! Owyeah!
Had planned to go Genting with the beloved bitch and yeah, here we are :D

We started our journey at 1030am,
but firstly we went to my university to pass up my assignment first.
Ahh, such a hot sunny day.
But that's the weather I want, so that we can go Genting safely :D

This is the very first time I'm driving the whole journey to Genting, owyeah!
We spent around an hour to reach the highest peak of the mountain - Genting.
Thank you, my little Myvi 

Firstly, we check in to the First World Hotel.
But due to the reason of I'm getting the free hotel room, with the Genting Point,
there's a lot of steps have to follow up. 
Spent quite a long time to done the check in.

I'm sweat, with the heavy make up.
I did heavy make up just like every first day trip, as usual.
We started to do editing on our face in the room.
Aha! I mean to clean up the dirt on our face and make us dont look ugly because we're gonna have photo session!

Yup, we spent quite a lot of time in the room,
that Ms Seng even go and brush her teeth, aha!

So here we are. 

After the syok sendiri, we went to Casino to make her Genting Card so that she could gamble tonight :D
And then, we had our meal - Curry Noodles!
It's not spicy but it's chock.

Ignore my fatty shoulder :/

Night time, 
I admit, I've no luck for today.
Ahaha, scared me.
I've inserted RM50 and I lose it all,
then I inserted another RM50 again, mainly to get back my money but it dont seems easy huhh.
Congratulations to Aisha she'd won RM25!
Woohoo! Then she treat me ice cream :D
Thank you bitch 

Went to walk around and blow some cold wind.
Then, back to the hotel.
We get some rest and start removing make up.


Yea, ladies actually act that way.
These are what were store in ladies' bag, even though it's just a ONE DAY TRIP.

Yup, so we end our May 20, 520 this way.

Good night peeps, and my bitch  

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