Monday, November 2, 2015

| 01112015 | * I Feel Thankful.

Hi there, long time no see.
It's been a few months since my last update.
Here's some quick update about my life.

I was back to Malaysia since July, and was busy entertaining my friends around.
Tea, lunch, dinner, supper, karaoke, movie, club etc.
Till the end of September, I get my first job.

I am lucky to get a job which located near my house, 
I can woke up later than I expect;
and I am lucky to get a job position which is my expertise - B L O G.
I actually never thought of joining this company, as I was just went to interview to train myself, and to gain experience for interview.
Who knows, I'm the lucky one :')
Thanks God, thanks life, thanks to my manager :')

So here began my working life...
I've been working for a month, and got my first salary.
I feel excited, like really.
And I want to pay off my first salary to people that I would love to thank them,
my family, and of course my colleagues.

My mom always try to squeeze some time out and cook dinner for me,
because she know I almost die from hunger once I back home from work.
My sister pay for my formal/working clothes and shoes for my first job.
And my colleagues who gave me a chance to step in this company, 
their well treat, and things they have taught me.

I feel thankful.


On the weekend,
I spent my Saturday morning with my friends - Breakfast.

After that, it depends.
Sometimes I hang out with them till dinner time,
sometimes I go home to have my own time.

On Sunday, I'll leave my time for my family.
House work at home, dinner with family.

I cherish every weekend I had, because I will only have that 2 days off to spend my time with myself, my friends, and my family.
To me, weekend is an important moment where I have to spend wisely.

That's all for ma updates, good night!


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